Preparation for Total Consecration ...
... to Jesus Through Mary
according to St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort
Congratulations to the thousands of Faithful in our Diocese who
have made their Act of Total Consecration to Jesus through
Mary.  Thanks be to God!  Thank you for your prayers and Total

**Thank you**
Thank you to all who have helped promote this beautiful
Consecration, to the Faithful who prayed and made their Act of
Total Consecration, to our host Parishes and all who helped in
the Total Consecration Masses, and to our Clergy who celebrated
the Masses. Many thanks to God, Our Blessed Mother, Saint
Joseph, and Saint Louis Marie de Montfort!

God bless you!

**In 2013, the Annunciation was on April 8th.  If I made my Act
of Total Consecration on April 8th, will my Anniversary date be
April 8th, or will it be the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the
The Act of Consecration is made on a Feast Day.  In 2013, the
Annunciation of the Lord was on April 8th.  Those who made our
Act of Total Consecration on April 8th will always have our
anniversary on the Annunciation of the Lord.  Usually, the
Annunciation of the Lord is on March 25th.  

Texas To Jesus Through Mary
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Marian Mornings
ay 3, 2014
8am - 12 noon

hy We Need

Marian Mornings are led by
Father Kevin Rai and include
Benediction, Mass, and a
reflection by Father Rai.  Light
refreshments provided.

During this time of recollected
prayer, Fr. Kevin will present an
in-depth reflection on how the
Spirit of God gives us
Experience of God.

Marian Mornings is a
series of mini-retreats, aimed at
deepening our union with Jesus
through the formative influence
of Mary. Each
Marian Morning is a stand-alone
event and does not require
previous attendance.  

San Jose Parish
2435 Oak Crest Avenue
Austin, Texas   78704

Please check back for future
topics, dates, times, and location.
Usually held once per
month on Saturday.
Videos and Audios:
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Community of
Saint John
Monthly Reflections

Father Nathan Cromly and
Father Michael-Therese,
monks of the Community of
Saint John, will give lectures
"Evangelization in the
Modern World"
Sundays after the
5:30pm Mass at
Saint Mary Cathedral.  

The scheduled 2014 dates
(subject to change) are:  
January 12,
February 9,
March 23,
April 27,
May 11.  
All are welcome to join.

Saint Mary Cathedral
203 East 10th Street
Austin, Texas   78701

Please check back for future
topics, dates, times, and
location. Usually held once per
month on Sunday.

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information about the
Community of Saint John.
"I loved seeing the Angel,
but I loved still more seeing Our Lady.  
What I loved most of all was to see Our Lord in that light
from Our Lady which penetrated our hearts.
I Love God so much!
But He is very sad because of so many sins!
We must never commit any sins again."
~  Blessed Francisco, one of the Three Seers in Fatima ~
On March 25, 1984, Blessed
Pope John Paul II
consecrated the world to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Join Faithful throughout the
world to prayerfully prepare
for this anniversary with 33
days of prayer.
Congratulations to all who made their
Act of Total Consecration on March 25th!

Many thanks to the many parishes, ministries, and Faithful
throughout the Diocese who helped promote this beautiful
Consecration.  Please
click here for ministries.  

A special "thank you" to the Catholic Spirit for
sharing announcements in print and online and to
Relevant Radio for sharing announcements on the air.