Since 2009, Faithful throughout the Diocese of Austin have been preparing for and making their Act of Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary through this humble effort. Here, some of these Faithful share their experiences, while encouraging other Faithful who are on the same journey to remain on the path, even in the midst of the challenges, difficulties, and complications of every-day life. We thank all Faithful who have provided their Testimonial. +God bless you, and may Our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph always guide and protect you. Amen.+

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We pray for all who are making or renewing their Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you. Peace be with you.+

Dianne ~ Parishioner at Saint John Neumann Parish in Austin ~ 2023+

Every experience sharing our faith with others, our stories and our joys and triumphs and challenges and heart-aches brings us in a closer relationship with Christ. Someone once told me Confession is like an emotional spiritual shower. I recall that every time I go in for Reconciliation with Christ. I am renewed and rejuvenated. I trust in Mary to lead me to Her Son. I trust Mary to intercede to Her Son for all of us on earth. She is there for us with Her generous love. Thank you for this opportunity to encourage others. Blessings to you all.

Suggestion: Wishing you great peace during this time. I encourage you to be patient with yourselves and enjoy the process as it unfolds. Blessings to you.

Margaret ~ Parishioner at Santa Cruz Parish in Buda ~ 2023+

I feel with pride in completing this beautiful faithful journey. It has greatly impacted my whole life and my heart to love, forgive and pray every day and feel much closer to our Lord and our Immaculate Virgin Mary. It has impacted me to feel a strong commitment and devotion of love to our Sacraments with pride without having second thoughts. I know our Lord and Blessed Mother hear and listen to my prayers and petitions. My life is much more with contentment, comfort, love and forgiveness. I have a strong interest in learning and getting to know our Lord and our Blessed Mother, life story.

Suggestion: Read with your heart. Read it over and over again if you don't get it the first time. I felt like someone or something pushed my heart to read and I looked forward to reading every day until completion.

Maryhelen ~ Parishioner at Christ the King Parish in Belton ~ 2023+

I start my day by giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for my first blessing of the day to wake up to see another day. And I commend myself to Him to guide me. And I stay on the Word of God and let every person know about God’s Word. I give my Mother Mary all my prayers and She knows what to do with them. Living for God is the most beautiful way to live; I am nothing with out Him. My God, my everything.

Suggestion: To finish it all and take notes so you can go back if you need to.

Diana ~ Parishioner at Saint Paul Parish in Austin ~ 2023+

I saw how my prayers for my family to go back to Church are answered; how the Holy Spirit is healing the strained relationships in my family; how my granddaughters mental health has improved. She [Our Blessed Mother] has been with me with Jesus showing Their love peace and happiness. She called me by name and is with me.

Suggestions: Pray the Rosary and pray for your family.

Judith ~ Parishioner at Saint Thomas More Parish in Austin ~ 2023+

I have completed the Consecration more than once, and each time I feel even closer to Mary and to Jesus. It brings me to a new and wonderful feeling of peace and a desire to share this with those who have yet to experience it. While I have always loved the Catholic Church, I have not always felt this close to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and all the angels and saints. Mary is in my everyday life now, I turn to her often for the needs of others as well as my own.

I attend daily Mass and now feel that Adoration is a wonderful part of my life. Confession is now at least monthly and it brings me great peace.

Suggestions: First, know that many others who have completed this 33 days will be praying for you as you begin this journey. You are doing a wonderful thing that can bring you great joy and peace and a new feeling of companionship with Mary.

The first time I began the Consecration, several years ago, I doubted I would be able to finish it. I was working, caring for children, life was very busy and full. But each day I felt myself looking forward to the next day. It brought me to a new understanding about what is really important in life. I learned that there are always times during the day when I can stop for moments of prayer and now it is a part of everyday life. I encourage everyone to start the Consecration and if possible choose a partner to start with you. You will be amazed at the change in your life.

Jenny ~ Parishioner at Saint Ferdinand Parish in Blanco ~ 2023+

I truly have a renewed sense of peace. It [the Consecration] helped me to let go and put my body and soul into the care of Mary and Jesus. My consecration has definitely caused me to slow down and savor the Eucharist in my heart.

Suggestions: Definitely do this consecration. The 33 days were an easy challenge with everlasting results. It takes very little time to do the readings each day. My husband and I took turns reading out loud to each other. We felt a unity with each other as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus. We looked forward to the next day's readings.

Lydia ~ Parishioner at Saint Mary Cathedral Parish in Austin ~ 2023+

I am a daily Mass attendee and I go to confession at least every three weeks. I do not want to cause Jesus anymore pain through my sins and I'm unsure about what is coming in this fallen world. Therefore, frequent reception of the Eucharist is very important to my daily living.

I know Saint Mary is watching over me and leading me closer to her Son in each minute of my day. I want to grow closer to her so she can lead me into her Son's arms and Sacred Heart. The Consecration through Mary to Jesus helped me see the value in this work. I will renew my consecration each year! Thank you for the beautiful book.

Suggestions: Find a quiet space and time to read and contemplate the readings each day. Sit with them and pray.

Makeisha ~ Parishioner at Saint Paul Chong Hasang Parish in Harker Heights ~ 2023+

I’m more mindful of my thoughts, words and actions. I’m also more intentional about reading scripture, religious material, prayer time and time spent reflecting.

I attend confession more often as I’m more aware of my short-comings and sins. I’m more excited to receive Holy Communion and appreciative that I’m able to do so. I’m praying be able to take time away from home to attend adoration as I have a strong desire now to spend time alone in the presence of Jesus.

Suggestions: Don't be too hard on yourself if at first you do feel a strong connection to Our Lady. It takes time, prayer and dedication and work build a strong relationship and devotion. Set aside specific time for daily prayer, readings and time for reflection, time without distractions. Take notes and write down things that stand out.

Angelita ~ Parishioner at Holy Trinity Parish in Llano ~ 2023+

Yo me sentí muy feliz de estar asiendo un estudio cada día,y me ayudo a llegar mas sercas de Jesús y mamita María. Gracias a Dios,yo viví el cursillo de cristiandad, ACTS,y soy lectora de español, Extraordinario ministro de Eucaristía. Y ahora que ise mi consagración espero seguir mejorando mi asercamiento a Jesús por medio de María. Amén.

Suggestions: Que es algo que solo puede ser si tu quieres vivirlo.

Iris ~ Parishioner at Saint Mary Cathedral in Austin ~ 2023+

I'm more conscious of the fact that I'm a child of God and that I should always behave as such. I may be the only example of God that a person may ever meet. My desire to cleanse myself more often, through Confession, is more important to me than ever. I don't want to do anything to separate myself from God.

As for the Eucharist, I receive so reverently now, understanding that Christ is in me and I need to do everything possible for Him to remain in me.

This Consecration is a beautiful way to grow in our love of Jesus and to truly understand that we are in His Family because of His loving and Faithful Mother.

Our Mass at the Cathedral was exquisite, joyful and filled with all of Mary’s Children who love her so much!

Suggestions: Set a time apart each day, to read your Consecration book and try to stick to it.

Kathie ~ Parishioner at Saint Theresa Parish in Austin ~ 2023+

My Consecration has overshadowed every detail of my life! My Consecration has impacted every detail of my life and of my family life!

Suggestions: Just stick with it - it's worth it!!! Don't quit! It's worth it!

Lisa Marie ~ Parishioner at The Mission of Divine Mercy ~ 2022+

Consecration has changed my life. I quit drinking. I attend Mass on Solemnities I never knew existed, pray the Liturgy of the Hours, and pray my Rosary more faithfully. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy brought me back to the Church. So it holds a special place in my heart. I already loved the Mass. I just attend more.

Suggestions: My advice is to keep trying if you do not accomplish the 33-day prayer. It took me four times. As a result, I have not had one drop of alcohol in 3 years in July. I prayed a novena the fourth time for help to accomplish the 33 days and picked up the Consecration to Saint Joseph. Keep trying, and you will succeed! Be tenacious, be faithful, and trust in Jesus. Don't delay!

Janet ~ Parishioner at Saint Mary, Church of the Assumption in Waco ~ 2022+

2023 will be my 10th anniversary of being consecrated to Jesus through Mary. I drove to Saint Mary Cathedral in Austin (from Waco) that day because my Godparents used to attend that Church and I felt closer to them there since they were both deceased. I have renewed my consecration almost every year since by repeating the 33 days of prayer and attending Mass. It has been a blessing to me, and I highly recommend it.

I do more volunteer work with praying at Planned Parenthood for the end to abortion. ... We have been able to intercept many who have chosen life for their unborn child and went to Care Net for the help they needed.

During the Year of St. Joseph, I went to confession every 2 weeks in order to receive all the indulgences I could for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. I've been an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion since 2004 and a Lector since 2006. A few years ago, I agreed to an hour of Adoration on 1st Fridays. I also started observing 1st Saturdays since my Consecration. I feel closer to Jesus, Mary and Joseph now.

Rose ~ Parishioner at Saint Margaret Mary Parish in Cedar Park ~ 2022+

This not my first 33 day of prayer. I did my consecration at St. Mary Cathedral with Bishop Vasquez the first year. Since then, I have not stopped. Been sick and at older age I have found so much healing. I consecrated myself daily; it has help me grow in my life spiritually.

Learning to listen, I spend my days in prayer for the needs of those who ask for prayers, and those that are placed in my heart to pray for and invite them to come to Church.

I have a desire in my heart to go and be in the presence of the Most Holy Family. It is a thirst that keeps growing in me and understanding the Divine Will. I offer daily that the Blessed Mother Mary hears the prayers that will bring many to conversion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.

Suggestions: The more we pray, we learn to understand how to be patient with others. And invite them to the live stream Mass if they are not able to go Church. There so many way to grow spiritually.

Laura ~ Parishioner at Saint Martin de Porres Parish in Dripping Springs ~ 2022+

This Consecration has given me life anew in ways I could never register or comprehend. Two years after my consecration and I remain a part of the spiritual movement that never ceases; our Lord offers Her to us and at the same moment entrusts us to Her through His beloved disciple.

Confession is the ladder to Heaven, even for those of us who think there is no recourse to God our Father. Our Heavenly Mother shows us that this Sacrament was given precisely for you and me, for nothing is impossible with God and our Blessed Mother will lead us diligently to the fountain of Mercy that awaits us to wash us clean of all sin.

Suggestions: Be faithful. Our Blessed Mother is ready and willing to come to our aide. We need Her intercession so greatly, do not be afraid.

Ana ~ Parishioner at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Cedar Park ~ 2021+

This Consecration is very important to continue growing in our faith and be part of our community to serve. The Sacraments are so important and build a stronger relationship with our God.

Suggestions: This Consecration is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Laura ~ Parishioner at St. John Vianney Parish in Round Rock ~ 2021+

The Consecration gave me a deeper longing. A longing for God and to give my will over to Him.

I've always, since my early teens, loved going to daily and Sunday Mass. I now know that Jesus and His Mother are always with you, no matter what...not even sin can stop Their love. I have confidence now.

I feel after my 33 Days Consecration I was able to pray/talk to Jesus without having to think about it. Jesus and Mary have become so part of my life.

Suggestions: I got so much out of these studies. Discipline to stop each day to read and pray was a challenge, but as the days passed I couldn't wait for the next day's reading. Examination of self was hard - there were things I didn't want to face. I think in doing so, I became more honest with my feelings. Just keep going. The Blessed Mother is so encouraging if you give her your prayers. My Guardian Angel also tugged at me as well.

Delia ~ Parishioner at St. Peter The Apostle Parish in Austin ~ 2021+

I keep looking forward to more direction on continuing this devotion. I have gone to Confession more this year to stay on track in following our Holy Mother.

Time seems to be a tough commitment for me and I need to spend those first Fridays and Saturdays. I hope that I commit myself more time to honor our Holy Mother. I can definitely see her in a more loving light.

I completely felt like a failure the first year but knew this was something I wanted to continue. Don't give up. I believe this devotion is a continuous process.

Suggestions: I would say start early and read ahead to give yourself time to consider this experience you're going to go through. I picked up this book two years ago and started and felt like I got stuck. However, I did go to the Mass and it is a beautiful Mass. And last year I went through it daily, made time, made notes, and feel very good about completing this Consecration.

Anonymous ~ Parishioner at St. Martin de Porres Parish in Dripping Springs ~ 2021+

Making my Consecration to Jesus through Mary has been one of the best things in my life. In less than a year, I have seen and felt our Holy Mother at work in my life; I have prayed the Rosary more often than ever before in my life, I read daily scripture, I've started learning about and reading the Liturgy of the Hours, I've started more books that deepen my faith. I love to share this source of joy with my children, family and friends.

My desire to go to Confession has increased greatly and I make sure my children do so as well. I never used to take part in Adoration but that, too, is changing!

I love Our Lady so much and I thank her for the many graces she gives me. I feel a sense of peace knowing any good merits of mine are being poured out for those who truly need it.

Suggestions: I actually did the 33 days twice before making my Consecration. I just needed more time to dive deeper and better understand De Montfort's teachings. Don't be discouraged if you find yourself falling behind. Just stay with it and do it again if you need to, if it means you'll better understand what you are doing and why.

Anonymous ~ Parishioner at St. Thomas More Parish in Austin ~ 2021+

God's will is my first priority. I am more aware of my "little" sins, which can pull me away from God.

Mother Mary is my encourager to make the best daily choices. I have her picture in my prayer space. I look at it every morning and evening. It motivates me to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Mother Mary's example helps me to be a better wife, mother and Christian.

Suggestions: Some days will be easy and others hard. Hang in there and persevere. Frequent reception of Jesus in Holy Communion and Reconciliation will help.

Patricia ~ Parishioner at Emmaus Parish in Lakeway ~ 2021+

By completing my Consecration, I felt closer to Jesus through His mother Mary. I also feel very close with Mary who I feel her presence daily.

I look forward to Mass and Adoration multiple times a week. I also make sure I receive the Sacrament of Penance throughout the Lenten season.

I encourage you to make the commitment to being closer to Jesus and His mother Mary.

Suggestions: I have completed my 33 day Consecration multiple times . Each time I learned something new about my dedication to Our Blessed Mother and about myself. I strongly suggest, even if you have completed this once, continue to make this part of your Lenten dedication. You will learn things every time you do.

Lorena ~ Parishioner at St. Joseph Parish in Killeen ~ 2021+

My Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary has been a complete blessing from God. I have opened myself and my heart to His Word and I have learn to love Him completely without no reserves and to love myself, my neighbors and my enemies.

After my Consecration, I am able to go to Confession on a monthly basis. I try to attend daily Mass and days of obligation and Sunday's. And when I have the chance to go to daily Mass, I go to visit the Adoration Chapel, and I try to stay at least for one hour. God is my conversion.

Lord, help us to share our experiences with others and see their lives transform before our eyes. We love you God.

Suggestions: First, put yourself in the presence of God, invoke His Holy Spirit and let Jesus teach you everything that He's willing for you.

Susie ~ Parishioner at Santa Cruz Parish in Buda ~ 2021+

[This Consecration] has made my dignity come alive more so and made me a Light with Jesus. I personally feel the Light in me shine as I Iive my daily life on my journey here on earth. I sincerely feel the calling to reach out to humanity and lead by example.

I believe in the Presence in the Holy Eucharist and, as an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist, I receive many blessings when I distribute His Holy Body and Holy Blood. I certainly feel the Holy Spirit and I know I am a temple of the Holy Spirit! I feel so blessed and somehow feel very transparent as He shines through me! I am so blessed!

As a cradle Catholic, I feel so blessed to be involved in the liturgical ministry as well as a Catechist on recess as I am so blessed to be able to share my faith with all the children - youth who are the Church now! This year, my class did not materialize for Sundays, but I pray to God if it is His will to be a teacher next year. It is an honor to share my faith and let Maria bring them to Jesus. In December, I lived my third CRSP Retiro por Mujeres and am now in formation to present our next retreat. I am also an auxiliary in the Legion of Mary which I dearly love. Dios con nosotros. Amen.

Suggestions: PERSEVERANCE. At first, it seemed so awkward - how could a person express so many beautiful things about Maria? But, I was determined to finish what I had started and so I kept on reading. It will take root in the soul and grow on you!

Jane ~ Parishioner at St. Helen Parish in Georgetown ~ 2019+

After the Consecration, I have felt great peace in my daily life. I have changed to be a better person than what I was before in my interactions with others. It has helped me to think differently and changed my prayer life.

Have faith and believe in our Blessed Virgin Mary. She is a companion in your life. She is always there for you. I pray to her every day and I know that She will never forsake me in my time of need. She is the most loving Mother I have ever known. She is there with me in my time of pain and sorrow. She comforts me and feel Her guidance in my everyday life. I recite the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary every day.

Suggestions: Read the first section of the book carefully. You will get answers to the questions you have as you begin your journey. I got answers to the many questions I had and my life changed. I became more prayerful and devoted more time to prayer. I have been very faithful to my prayer life and have continued until today. If you miss a day, do not worry. Continue the next day but do not give up.

Stay focused on Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary. Your life will be totally different. Believe in Jesus Christ and pray. Make prayer a routine in your daily life and things will be different for you. Thank you for your prayers.

Anonymous ~ Parishioner at St. Mary Parish in Lockhart ~ 2019+

It has brought me closer to our Lord and Blessed Mother for guidance on my journey of faith. My growth continues and blesses others on the way. To truly have an intimate relationship with our Mother and she guides your way to the Blessed Trinity.

Suggestions: Even if you don’t feel like it, do your prayers and you will reap the benefits. Persevere in your prayers. When prayers go up, blessings come down. God bless you.

Michelle ~ Parishioner at St. Joseph Parish in Killeen ~ 2018+

My life changed totally. I pray more, more Rosary and dedicate myself with humility and love to be a good servant. I incorporate myself by coming more at the daily Masses. It's a routine for me. I go to Mass more, I receive the body of Christ more, and I go to Confession more. I feel good with that. I saw the big change on me, in my life.

Suggestions: Before starting the 33 days, call on the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and to guide you so step by step that you do your reading, morning prayer and night prayer. Try to do it at the same time as you schedule it. Praying for you all so you can focus and be strong during these 33 days. God bless you.

Rogelia ~ Parishioner at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Cedar Park ~ 2018+

I have learned to pray on daily basis. I felt very united with our mother Mary and her son, our Lord Jesus. This is the best way to rejoice

Suggestions: That Jesus gives you the knowledge and the time to pray united with the Saints. That the Holy Spirit guide you through this journey. Amen.

David ~ Parishioner at St. Mary Cathedral Parish in Austin ~ 2018+

Mary has changed me from being simply a holy person to a very personal engagement with our dear Mother Mary and therefore through her, our dear blessed Jesus. Oh my gosh - I don't just go to Mass, I crave it. I'm disabled, and at the end of each Mass, I roll forward and sit below a blessed statue of our mother at my Parish. I simply sit for a few minutes and gaze at her, and mine and her heart connect. It is the most blessed and joyous experience anyone could ever hope for.

Suggestions: You can barely comprehend the incredible blessings of being so near to our dear Mother.

Cindy ~ Parishioner at Santa Cruz Parish in Buda ~ 2018+

I have more empathy toward other people. I enjoy the sacraments even more now. I never prayed to the Virgin Mary and now she is everything to me.

Suggestions: It has truly opened my heart to Jesus and to my mother Mary.

Brian ~ Parishioner at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Cedar Park ~ 2017+

When I did it corporately and finished it with Mass on March 25, it made me feel so good. Made my examination of conscience, in light of God's Love for us, richer and thus better participation in Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.

Suggestions: If you've missed a day, just catch up on a subsequent day and peacefully keep up. Begin again, God Loves for us to do that. Let's pray for each other, and all in His Love. Peace!

Theresa~ Parishioner at San Jose Parish in Austin ~ 2017+

Completing the 33 Days has helped me stay more focused and motivated to pray the Rosary daily and to value my prayer time. These Sacraments become more beautiful as you enter into them more deeply. God calls you closer and you want to be ready to receive Him.

Suggestions: Know that Mary is guiding you and that the faithful are praying with you. You will encounter difficulty but persevere and you will complete the 33 days. Read the readings over and over. Some days were difficult to stay focused but even if you miss a day or fall asleep while praying, don't quit. Just continue the next day. The Holy Mother will help you.

Michelle ~ Parishioner at St. Joseph Parish in Killeen ~ 2017+

Wow !!! My life changed. I am a different person with Christ; I put myself in serving my church in a different way. For example, when I talk to somebody and see that I offend him or her, I apologize but the day after have to go to Confession, it became like my daily food. On Friday I go to be in presence of the Holy Sacrament. I do my daily Rosary. I go to Mass. It's my hobby now. My life changed totally. I know I am not perfect, but I do what I have to do daily and Mary is there to take my hand and walk with me. Thank you to give me this opportunity.

Suggestions: Before I started the 33 says of prayers, I took a time to fast for three days so I can be strong, and focus on those different prayers during morning and evening. The first day, I have to put myself so at the same hours I can concentrate my time to my prayers even if I was at work. And I made it because I had FAITH. For you who took this engagement today, I can tell you only to put your faith in the Virgin Mary – she will guide you. I will pray for you all. God bless you.

Anonymous ~ Parishioner at St. William Parish in Round Rock ~ 2017+

The Consecration immediately (I mean immediately) rooted out a sin that has enslaved me most of my life in the middle of the Consecration. I vividly remember one of my confessors a long time ago who said that we should never underestimate God's mercy. This instance stood out on how God manifested His power in this poor soul through our Lady's intercession.

The Consecration led me to a deeper hunger to know God through the Scriptures and insistent daily prayer. The Consecration powerfully drew me more to Mass, Reconciliation and prayer in Adoration because these are the means to get to intimately get to know God, whose love for me is so far beyond what my little mind and poor heart can comprehend.

I can't thank enough the souls behind this initiative to spread this devotion. I was drifting in life - alone, hurting, depressed, hopeless - when I found this devotion in my desperation. Feeling so unworthy of God's favor because of my sins, I dared not face Him. It was our Blessed Mother I naturally turned to, and I found so much comfort in her company. She is my refuge. She held my hand patiently while I hid behind her as she brought me to her Son.

Suggestions: I strongly encourage first-timers and even those who renew the vows to keep a prayer journal. Write down your experience after the prayers or at the end of the day. Be spontaneous in writing your thoughts, insights, emotions and desires. Your journal will become a valuable tool later when you look back to better understand how the Holy Spirit has been moving within your soul to awaken it and open itself up to God's love, mercy and grace.

Rogelia ~ Parishioner at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Cedar Park ~ 2017+

Beautiful book 33 days of walking with Virgin Mary through faith formation. Made me want to receive more often Holy Communion and spend more time in the Adoration Chapel. Every day of the 33 days made me feel closer to Jesus.

Suggestions: Beautiful time of preparation for 33 days. Blessings!

Fernando ~ Parishioner at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Cedar Park ~ 2017+

Impact: Closeness to Our Lord and Our Lady.

Suggestions: It grows in your soul. At first you might not sense it but along the way The Holy Spirit and Our Lady will embrace your soul.

Grace ~ Parishioner at Christ the King Parish in Belton ~ 2016+

Being bold and courageous in faith has been a challenge. Having the spiritual support from this experience has caused me to grow. I am more aware of the daily blessings and God's constant presence in my life. I miss being with the Lord when I'm unable to spend time in Adoration. Attentiveness at Mass increased through this and attending Dr. Edward Sri's Scriptural Walk through the Mass. I've increased my devotion to Mary through frequent recitation of the Rosary, especially when commuting to work. I also make more frequent Confession with more serious preparation than in past years.

Suggestions: Awesome experience - be persistent. If you miss a day, make it up. You can do this and will benefit. I will pray for the new participants this week. May your experience be blessed!

Amalia ~ Parishioner at Sacred Heart Parish in Austin ~ 2016+

The Consecration has made me more aware of the presence of MY Lord and MY Blessed Mother. It makes me think before I talk and hurt people and families feelings and I try to be a better Christian with all I meet. It is still difficult but it does get easier to be a better disciple of God. I enjoy the Mass and I adore every Sunday and all the chances I get to go the other times, joined the Marian's Mass every Saturday and try my best to go 1st Friday of the month. Since I did my first Consecration, I go more often to penance. I try SOOOO hard to have my Christ lead my life as much as I can. Sometimes I feel like I think about my Father and our Blessed Mother 24-7... I want to be a disciple to my family and all I meet.

Suggestions: I feel the more you do the Consecration, the easier it gets to follow the Consecration booklet. This was my second time and it gets me deeper in the Love of our Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus Christ and the prayers become more understandable to follow.

Theresa ~ Parishioner at San Jose Parish in Austin ~ 2016+

It filled me with peace so I dealt with others in a calmer manner. I did not worry about things and I was able to keep a sacred half hour devoted to prayer daily. I am more focused during Mass, really able to block out distractions. When I go to Adoration, I take my book and read the prayers and focus on Christ and the role of our Holy Mother.

Suggestions: Always set aside the time daily and keep it sacred. You will receive so much peace.

Anonymous ~ Parishioner at St. Luke Parish in Temple ~ 2016+

Learning each and every day more and more about Jesus and His Blessed Mother, Their concern for us, and encouragement in our daily life. I am finding that I have a much deeper love and devotion for the Sacraments.

Suggestions: Continue to pray at all times. Our Lord is a forgiving Lord and wants to hear your prayers.

Anonymous ~ Parishioner at St. William Parish in Round Rock ~ 2016+

I pray the Rosary every day. I try to go to daily Mass and I go to Adoration 2 days a week.

Suggestions: Take time to be silent and listen to the Lord. May Jesus and His Blessed Mother bless you all. Do not give up, keep going. Trust the Blessed Mother.

Robert ~ Parishioner at St. Helen Parish in Georgetown ~ 2016+

The Consecration changed my life. I see Jesus Christ in my neighbor, sons and daughters of our Lord. My Catholic Faith puts Jesus Christ in the center of my life. I've a growing peace and joy in my heart! The Faith is now the center of my life! The Sacraments are abundant with over-flowing grace. My devotion to our Blessed Mother has being tremendously enhanced. She is plentiful with the grace to guide you to eternal salvation. You'll grow in an intimate love for our Heavenly Mother. She will lead you to Jesus Christ, Her Son.

Suggestions: Stay focused on Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary! His grace and mercy is a gift. The journey will turn your life toward the Lord Jesus Christ. Make prayer, sacrifice, and faithfulness a daily affair. Continue to grow in service and for longing of our Savior. The Holy Spirit will guide and help you!

Also, place yourself before the Blessed Sacrament to praise, reverent, adore our Lord. Nothing fancy, just talk to Him, and enter into an intimate relationship between just you and He. His mercy, grace, and love for you is without bounds.

Lastly, if at all possible, get to the Sacrament of Penance at least monthly and attend week-day Mass often. This will solidify your Catholic Faith. BE CATHOLIC. BE BOLD. BE A COMPASSIONATE WARRIOR FOR JESUS CHRIST!

Anonymous ~Parishioner at St. Luke Parish in Temple ~ 2016+

My life is calmer, happier and I have found putting my faith in God's and Mary's hands satisfying. I try to go to Mass and Adoration as often as I can. I look forward to spending more time with Jesus and Mary. Including 1st Fridays and Saturdays as often as is possible. The Rosary is more of a priority, especially the De Montfort version.

Suggestions: Continue to pray your book each day. Should you not have the chance to, continue the next day, don't stop. Just carry on the following day. Just do it.

Patty ~ Parishioner at Emmaus Parish in Lakeway ~ 2016+

This was one of the most amazing experiences for me. I found forgiveness of others that I never imagined would happen. I found strength to let go [of] those things I could not control and knew Our Blessed Mother would help me through them. And SHE did!!! This is my second year which I will pray the Consecration. I pray everyone would participate to know the love it has given me. I felt all the questions that are asked of you are very thought provoking. I thought about them every day as my guidance on handling situations. I saw myself handling these situations different than I had in the past and becoming a better person by doing so.

Our Blessed Virgin Mary is constantly with me now. I feel her presence and guidance in my everyday life. When I receive the Sacraments, I feel a warming in my heart as SHE assures me SHE is with me.

Suggestions: I would read the first section of the book very carefully. It will explain all the questions you have as you begin your journey. It will stress important preparations that will be very helpful to you for your completion. May God Bless you all!

Anonymous ~ Parishioner at St. William Parish in Round Rock ~ 2015+

I send prayers to Mary all the time. To use as She knows they are needed. I know She is always there by me, helping me, and when I go to Her, I find clarity, especially in the midst of disagreements with my husband. She is not shy to let me know I am in the wrong, or am being too harsh, selfish, or judgmental. The amazing thing is, I feel so much love when I feel her voice of clarity.

Suggestions: Stay faithful to the prayer/reflections. If you miss a day, don't be discouraged. Pick it right back up the next day. God loves you immensely; the devil will use any means to side track you. Any missed days are erased by your intention to do your best and give yourself to Mary and Jesus.

Rogelia ~ Parishioner at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Cedar Park ~ 2015+

Ever since I had that connection, I see myself talking to Jesus and Mary all the time. I can feel them in my heart and all the things I do. Ever since that date, I spent more time in Adoration, feel Mass more unique and Confession a need. I just want to say thank you for your gift and thank you for your service to consecrate lives in such a great way.

Suggestions: Be consistent, don't give up, Jesus and Mary are with you. Feel them in your heart.